Thursday, October 30, 2008


Taken on Easter in the year 1961
Deb, Dean, Bruce, Tim and Lorin

Monday, October 27, 2008


Hannah came in the door and wanted her snow stuff on so she could go make a snowman. I had to break the news to her that half an inch of snow just didn't cut it for making a snowman. She said her favorite thing to do was catch snowflakes on her tongue.

Next it was down on the deck to make snow angels. By the time she finished there must have been a dozen angels on my deck.
Well she lasted about 20 minutes out there. Long enough to smear up my clean patio door. Good thing glass is washable. Between kids and the dog its rare that this door is spotless.


Yesterday in church Jon and Kari had Chloe dedicated. First Baptist does not do baby baptism, instead leaving that up to the child to do when they made the decision to follow Christ and then they can decide when they are ready for baptism. But we do a baby dedication, which is dedicating your child to God and promising to raise them to in a Christian home and teach them how to live a Christian life.

Chloe is 4 months old already. Tyler and Hannah were so excited to see them up in front of the church.

After having them answer a few simple questions, Pastor Brian prayed for Jon and Kari and their family.

I just had to add this picture. We woke up this morning to the white stuff. About a quarter of an inch on the deck. I know most everyone is grumbling about it but I think its kinda pretty. The deck looks so bare now. The canopy is off, all the flower pots are gone and the chairs are stacked in the corner. I just look at it as I don't have to spend an hour every morning watering plants.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today is Tyler's 6th birthday. He was supposed to be in school but has been running a fever so he didn't go today. Instead him and girls came here. He came in the door scanning the room for presents. I set it on the table in plain sight so he didn't have to look far. Of course we had to have something wrapped for Hannah too.
Just what I wanted. A father and son hunting stuff. And a pack of Superman balls.

The mailman came with a package from Melissa out in Colorado Springs. Just some clothes.

But wait, whats this in the bottom of the box?

Now it was apparently something he really wanted because he was pretty excited about it.

Here it is, whatever it is. All I know is that its round and when you throw it on the floor it pops open and something is inside. So all afternoon he's throwing this thing on the floor and loving it.

Hannah and Chloe are starting to really enjoy each others company. They love to lay on the floor together and watch tv. I peeked in on them the other day and they were laying there holding hands.

Hannah says she has to hold onto Chloe's hand because she keeps hitting her.

Here's evidence that Hannah is telling the truth.
Hang onto her hands Hannah.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


The moon was shining in our bedroom window at 5 a.m. this morning, possibly the reason I couldn't sleep. So the first load of laundry went in the washer and we watched the news to see who won the debate last night. You all know who is the best pick right? Yeah I knew you knew.
The moon was setting in the west and the sun was rising in the east. It was all happening so fast I didn't know which end of the house to run to.

So here's the moon.
And now the start of the sunrise
I let Levi out about 6:30 and she's already at the door for her treat.
Finally the sunrise at 7:17 a.m.
And back for another treat. She is such a beggar.
Now I hung the sheets on the line about 7:30 and the steam was rising from them. (It's only 24 degrees out you see). It was pretty cool looking but you just can't see it from this picture. Oh well, you get drift. Note: What does "you get the drift" come from? Such a strange saying. Can you see Levi hiding behind the sheets? Strange dog. I think she just wanted to be in the picture.

And finally when a 3 year old gets up at 5 a.m., she really needs a nap. A ride around the lake always does the trick. She was much happier after a 2 hour nap.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I went to the garden today to get a few carrots for meatloaf. They are HUGE! And lots of them out there.

Here's a picture of the truck and trailer we just bought. Yep that's Jim with the hood up, fixin somethin' , a never ending thing, always something to fix.

Oh yeah the carrots, I put them in meatloaf. Check out the recipe on the Food To Eat and Fill Your Soul Blog.


The last two weekends have been just a blur, they've been so busy. The firewood needed to be moved from Shirley's barn because its being torn down. First we had to move the tractor out of the way. It wouldn't start so Andy had to jump on and stear while Jim gave it a tug. I just love the sound of the old John Deere tractors. Putt putt putt

Of course the fun of firewood is seeing how many times you can handle it before its finally gone. Art had all this wood made ahead and piled in the thrash floor. Now we had to move it to the shed.
Riding the wagon just seems to put a little fun into the project. Taylor was doing the parade wave here.
Now throw it back off the wagon. Yes that is Tabby in there helping! What a trooper.
This past weekend I set up a booth at the craft sale. This is the second year I've done this and it has definitely helped sales.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Tuesday started out just a normal day. Sitting at my desk, finishing up some paperwork and then the unthinkable happened.

That wonderful tasty cup of tea tipped over onto my laptop. Immediate panic mode. Pack it up to go see what the damages are. This was the stressful part.

Now I'm getting ready to go to town and later meet the girls for lunch. Where is my watch? I feel only half dressed without it on.

Think back, where did I put it? Always on the dresser, ALWAYS. But wait, Hannah was in there supposed to be napping. So now I have to think like a 3 year old. Where would you put a watch when you were done playing with it? After searching every inch of the bedroom I gave up. I'll have to go without it. Open the desk drawer in the kitchen to get out the phone book and whats this? My watch!!! Thus ends the frustration part.

She looks so sweet and innocent.

And now for the therapy. Lunch at Hill of Beans in Ogema. If you ever want to take a beautiful drive and spend some relaxing time over a great lunch you have to go here. This is the view out the huge window where we ate.

Thanks Girls! I think we all needed this day.