Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Updated Flower Bed

This garden has bothered me pretty much since I started it about six years ago.  What was I thinking?  The problem  then was we had no rain gutters and all the rain poured off the side of the house and ruined any plants I had in there.  So my solution was to make it very narrow and eliminate the issue.  Now that we have rain gutters it was time to expand it back to the original size. 

Yesterday morning was the day to start this project.  This picture was taken about an hour into it.  I already had pulled out the edge pavers.  After many hours of digging, shoveling and measuring, it all came together.
This is the picture from this morning.  After a whole day of work and many many sore muscles I didn't know I had, it was finished before dark last night. 

And now  for the next step.  What do I plant in it?  The green you see there is phlox.  It did ok but didn't flourish.  Do I plant annuals?  Perennials?  Shrubs?  It faces the East so has morning light but not the hot afternoon sun.  And it also tends to be dry and well drained.  I welcome any suggestions and in the meantime  I am on to finish another garden project I started three years ago and never finished. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trees for the Pond

We've decided its time to do some much needed landscaping around the pond.
It has been bare ground/dirt/gravel.  The geese and ducks like it but its not quite what we have in mind.
Last summer  the beach definitely served its purpose with the kids.  But the rest of the pond needs some work.
So we called in this guy and he came to dig some holes.
He dug lots of holes.
Then he went into the "forest" as the boys call it.
And came out with a tree.
It looked so easy, he just plopped them into the holes.
There was a little shoveling to do so I gave Lumberjack the shovel and I took the pictures.
Two hours later we had sixteen trees lining the south and west sides.
And of course the boys had to check it all out.

Ahhhhh the beginning of another summer.