Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Celebrating the 4th of July

We had big plans for our annual 4th of July party.  But the rain had different ideas.  It was an all day rain.

4th weekend 075

The plan was to be doing this.

4th weekend 076

And the kids wanted to do this.

4th weekend 084

Instead the party moved to the garage

4th weekend 089

And the living room. 

4th weekend 077

My entryway looked like this all day. 

4th weekend 078

So we had to make it fun!  We ate and ate and ate lots of food.

4th weekend 087

And enjoyed each others company.  Yes that is a Vikings shirt on Mark but we let him stay for the party anyway.

4th weekend 094

We even braved the rain and went to the park for the fireworks.  The Kapitz family tried to all fit under one umbrella.

4th weekend 095

Gary Melissa and Kaila getting a little wet but enjoying the show.

4th weekend 096

Tabby, Kiana and Joni sharing their one umbrella. 

It just goes to show that you can have big plans and even though everything doesn’t turn out like you planned it, as long as you are with family and friends you can make it a memory.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Pond Gets a Dock

 4th weekend 033

The July 4th weekend was a busy one for us.  All of our girls and their families were home visiting and the house was bursting at the seams with people, dogs, laundry and shoes.  The shoes were everywhere.  Otis thought he was in shoe heaven.  Joni and Bob were enjoying some alone time in the sun when Otis and I went to intrude on their conversation.

4th weekend 035

The goal for Saturday was to install the dock on the pond.  Lumberjack had the dock and poles all ready  but he needed to know how deep it was 24 feet from shore, which is how far the dock would go out.  He pondered about how to get out there and measure the depth.  I suggested getting his boat out and paddling out there.  He thought I should just float on the innertube  out there and drop a weighted line for him.  Hah! I was busy doing all the stuff a person does when they have 1200 people in their house. Well maybe not that many but it sure seemed like it.  So I suggested getting Kiana to help him out. 

4th weekend 036

He gave her a ice fishing pole with a weighted line and then gave her the end of a tape measure.  Then told her to paddle out until she was at 24 feet and drop the line down.  I had stuff to do but this was so entertaining I couldn’t go back to the house.

4th weekend 037

Kiana was the hero of the day!  She was my hero because I did not want to go out on that tube.

4th weekend 038

4th weekend 040

How many guys does it take to put a dock in the water?  A whole bunch of them.  There was lots of manpower around here and they all did their part. 

4th weekend 061

Except this guy.  He was a slacker.  Maybe it had something to do with him having back surgery the day before.

4th weekend 053

It’s getting closer!

4th weekend 057

Yeah its in the water!

4th weekend 064

And then the jumping began.