Thursday, February 17, 2011


We were blessed with girls, all girls in fact.  Four of them if you want to count.  So I had literally no experience in raising boys.  The only exception to that was my nephew Andy who was practically raised with my girls and his sister. 

kids But Andy was raised with five girls and even though he was all boy, he wasn’t the rough playing kind.  This crew of girls just didn’t stand for that.

Now we have a grandson…….

christmas 2009 010


We also have three nephews about the same age as Tyler.  And when the four of them are together, lets just say there is never a quiet moment.


They do boy stuff.   It must involve running, jumping, rough play to be fun.


This was not a quiet moment.  The noise was indescribable.


They love beach days at the pond. 

morning 020

When they play outside their mothers know they laundry piles will increase.  They were hungry and wanted to come inside but they were stopped at the door.

morning 015

This is why they weren’t allowed inside.  What is it with boys and the knees of their pants?

morning 019

I am sure this was a bodily noise of some sort. 


We work them hard around here.  They are forced to shuck corn for hours in the hot sun.


Only the closest of cousins could share the same cob of corn.

morning 101

They play ball together.

So you see we’ve learned that boys and much different to raise than girls. 

They play hard and rough

They are competitive

And they all love their Mamas

We wouldn’t trade them for anything.