Chloe loves puzzles!  She would spend the entire day doing them, especially if someone puzzles with her.  Yesterday was a rainy dreary day and Grandma brought a bag of puzzles for Chloe because she knows how much she loves doing them.puzzles 002
She has learned that first you dump them all out and turn them right side up.
puzzles 003
Then she starts putting different parts of the puzzle together.  On this one she always does the girls first.  It is a Strawberry shortcake puzzle and she calls them Strawberry, Blueberry and Lemon.  Notice even all the sky pieces are grouped together.
 puzzles 005
puzzles 006
Now its really coming together.
 puzzles 009
The last piece is always so exciting!
puzzles 010
The finished project!  Notice the puzzle box propped up to look at,  her Great Grandma taught her that.
puzzles 012
The board puzzles aren’t challenging enough for Chloe any more so this is how  she does them.  She dumps all seven of them in a pile.
puzzles 013
Then she lays out the boards and does them one piece at a time.
puzzles 015
It was a long rainy day and so she did all the puzzles she could find. 
And this morning she is right back at the puzzles.


Rita said…
I'm so glad I dropped them off by you so she can work them more often. She really has her own system to do a puzzle. She always gave me the Lemon girl to do and she likes to do Strawberry first- does she still?? Who ever said," Do the edges first", can not work puzzles with Sweetpea Kapitz!!!Keep on puzzling, Chloe
Angie Vik said…
What a cute post. That's a neat idea to photodocument her playing and thinking processes. Our puzzles sometimes ended up in a pile like that by accident, not on purpose.