Winter Fun!

We went to the Simek Center one Saturday evening to try our skills on the ice. Here's Nicholas and Tyler. You can tell by all the white on their pants that they were falling quite a bit. By the end of the night Tyler was really picking up on his skating.

This was Hannah's idea of skating. She did actually have skates on but no way could she stand up so we took turns sliding her around the rink. Here's Shirley and Sandy taking a turn.

And then of course there was Tabby and Jacob.

Tabitha, Melissa, Joni and Tyler playing in the snow.

Hannah making her best attempt to catch snowflakes.

And last of all what is winter without some snow angels. Tyler figured the deck was as good a place as any.


Connie said…
I found your blog... your e-mail didn't include the address but I googled until I found it. I will add you to the blog listings on mine to check back often. It's fun, now you'll have to get the girls to make there's too.