Shirley's birthday was Monday so we had a little party on Sunday at the Buchan's. As usual Todd and Sandy put on a great spread of food. The little kids had a great time dressing in costumes and everyone else just spent time visiting.

The Superheroes, Alex, Matt, Nick and Tyler

Hannah, Joni and Taylor patiently waiting for the birthday cake.

Tabitha, Bob, Joni and Samantha enjoying some lively conversations. Sam, what was that you did with your eyes?

And now for some strawberry cake! First a few of the grandkids. Tabitha, Kari and Jake in the back and Joni, Shirley and Samantha in the front.

And here's some more grands and a couple great-grands. Tyler, Alex, Matt, Hannah, Shirley, Taylor and Nick. Do you think she had help with the candles?

It was a great day!