We spent Easter Sunday at Lorin & Julee's house. Wow what a houseful of people! It was Hannah's birthday so we had a little party too. Here she is with her cake with cousins Aubree and Lily and Grandpa Hayseed looking on. At the dinner table the discussion turned to whether Tracy and Cole's baby was going to be a girl or a boy. Julie knew the old pencil on a string prediction and said it seemed pretty accurate. Jim was the skeptic and said no way could it be. So after the plates were cleared away, out came the pencil. Jim was the first to sit down and sure enough, four girls was the results. Just about everyone took their turn in the prediction chair.

After watching how it was done, Jim decided he needed to try it. Here he is testing it on Tyler. As you can see Tyler was not overly impressed.
By the way the pencil predicted a boy for Tracy and Cole and a girl for Kari and Jon. We'll know in a few more months!