Pies, pies and more pies

This weekend there's a pie contest at the Home & Business Expo and I thought well I can make a decent pie. So I got myself a pretty new pie plate and picked my recipe for Cherry Almond Mousse Pie.
So I go to pick up the entry form and one requirement is you have to use a homemade crust. PANIC!!! I couldn't make a decent crust from scratch for nothing. So I go to my mother-in-law who is known for making the best crust. For the next week, she teaches me the art of making a pie crust. I think we made a total of 7 or 8 crusts. After my final lesson I was left to perfect this myself. Jim and Joni ate enough pies this past week because after I'd make a decent looking one, I'd have to fill it with something. Dad even got his favorite, banana cream.

Here's the crust that I used for the entry.
Not too bad!
And then there was the filling and decorating. Hannah and Tyler helped of course, which made me nervous because I was so afraid I would forget something or have something extra added with all those helping hands.

So about 4 p.m. I put the finishing touches on the pie. Whipped cream chocolate shavings, toasted almonds and some cherries. Everyone says it looks like a winner. By this time I'm just glad its done.
So I put the pie in a pie carrier and set it on the seat of the van to take to town. Tyler and Hannah are going with us and they head out the door. All of a sudden I panic! The pie is sitting on the front drivers seat. Did they crawl in like they usually do? Is the pie crushed? Out the door I go and they are innocently playing outside. Why did Grandma have that look on her face?

The pie is entered and now for the wait. The judges sample all eight pies and I get THIRD PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course the family all says I should have won but I remind them that they did not taste the other seven pies. It was a great time and I am already planning next years entry.

Hannah and Tyler at the STAR news booth.

Tyler's favorite booth. Lots of mowers and tractors! Perfect for a 5 year old boy.


Tabitha said…
MMMM...your pie looks great! Now should we expect that every time you make a pie, the crust will be from scratch??? :)