So one of our "jobs" while we're out here is to fix Melissa and Travis' fence. She had an early meeting at work so we started with the repairs. One thing about living in these cities is you have an association telling you what to do about your house and yard and it decided the fence needed some work. But anyway the fence needed repairs because 100 pound Jackson was finding ways to get out and terrorize people. First we had to firm it up with brackets in all the corners, then replace a bunch of boards and finally paint.

This is the long side of the fence. We had Jackson helping guard the front door while we painted. After 5 1/2 hours and 7 gallons of paint, we finished up about 6 p.m.

Here we are on the final stretch. There were some sore wrists and shoulders but the job was finished!

Here it is, the finished fence! Looks pretty good.

Melissa and Jackson by their newly planted tree. Jim had to clear cut the front yard because the other tree was dead, but being the professional logger he is, he planted a new one in its place.