The weather here has been beautiful!. Mid 70's and sunny so I've had to use the sunscreen because we're so much closer to the sun. It really does make a difference.

Since we worked so hard yesterday, today was going to be a tourist day. We started out by heading to Cripple Creek. This is a town way up in the mountains. It was known for its gold mines way back in the 1800's. Now its mainly a casino town. There were no neat shops and touristy stuff in this town, just casinos. I have never seen so many slot machines, of course I guess besides Vegas. We weren't there to gamble so we checked out the museum and a few other sites. Problem was they didn't open up until after Memorial Day. So our trip there was mainly eat some lunch and head back down the mountain. There was a gold mine shaft tour but you had to go 1000 feet underground to see it and us claustrophobic people decided that wouldn't be a good thing to do.
Melissa did throw a dollar in a machine after lunch. Guess what she got back! Yep, nothing. And no Dad I did not put any money in those machines!

After getting back down the mountain we wanted to find the place where you take the Cog Train up to the top of Pikes Peak. (That's the plan for tomorrow, unless the weather doesn't cooperate.) We were in the town of Manitou Springs and saw this place called Miramont Castle so we toured that. Interesting place but I wanted to touch stuff and they won't let you. Whats up with that.

This town had so many old buildings from back in the 1800's. This one was called the Barker house and was built in 1872. It was converted into a hotel but now is a retirement home with a restaurant in one end.

What better way to end the day than with an ice cream cone. Did I mention how great the weather has been? Heard Wisconsin got some more snow. Sorry we weren't there to enjoy the white stuff. NOT!