It's the first day of summer and my to do list is finally getting smaller. A huge project was staining the deck. After two gallons of stain and some very very sore muscles, the job is done. The garden is in and coming up. We thought the fence around it would keep out the deer and rabbits. The deer aren't getting in but those bunnies are squeezing thru. They ate all the cabbage and kohlrabi plants and are working on the lettuce and spinach. Jim gave me a lesson on shotgun shooting the other night but I haven't seen one yet to put it into use. Even that stinky invisible fence stuff doesn't keep these rabbits out.

This project is in the works. I thought a rose garden would look nice here. South side and no shade. Now if you'd ask Jim about my success in growing roses, he would laugh. I've probably planted 20 rose bushes since we've been married and none of them have survived. He just shakes his head and asks why I bother everytime I bring another one home. He doesn't know this rose garden is over here on the far side of the garden, I'll just surprise hime one day when it's all bloomed out. I picked up a couple rose bushes but now am waiting for some good sales to finish it out. Hoping today to get a load of mulch to spread on it. And of course Chloe arrived a week ago today. She is a very good baby. Sleeps thru all the noise that the other two make although Hannah's scream does make her shudder. Of course that scream does that to everyone around her! She was sleeping so sound here but I still couldn't resist picking her up and rocking for awhile. Grandmas have that privelege you know.

And now on to the rest of the summer. We have two family reunions this summer and maybe even a few weekends of just hanging out with family and friends. Have a great summer!