The kids watched for Grandpa to come home today so they could go to the shop with them. This is a big deal because there are snacks and drinks there and usually no limit on them. I tried to talk Hannah into staying at the house with me but where Tyler goes, Hannah can go too. So off they went to the shop and I had about half an hour to clean up the house before we had to leave for town by 4:15. Now I had cleaned the kids up (washed hands and faces, changed clothes) before they left for the shop. And this is what they came back looking like:

Of course my first thought is where is the camera but Grandpa Jim thought this was the solution to the problem. As you can see Hannah kept her distance.
Now for everyone who sees Hannah on Sunday morning in church with her pretty dresses and beautiful curly hair, here is the other side of this girl. She loved it!


Connie said…
There has not been one day so far this summer that you could get sprayed off with a garden hose!!! No wonder Hanna stayed away from Grandpa.

Cute pics
Anonymous said…
Reminds me of the days when we went 4 wheeling. Looks like fun.