The garage sales this year seem to never end. Tyler and Hannah love going with to the sales and they have even gotten so when they see a sign they yell GARAGE SALE and want you to check it out. If I have anything new in the house, Hannah's first question is, Grammy did you get that from a garage sale?
Well last week I found a china hutch that was made for my dining room. I didn't have the checkbook with me so I called Jim.
Deb: Hi, where are you?
Jim: On my way to town, its raining and lightning so I had to quit working. Why?
Deb: Well could you swing by 4th Street. I need your checkbook.
Jim: Why?
Deb: Well I kinda bought something at a garage sale and don't have enough cash on me.
Is the trailer empty at home?
Jim: What did you buy this time?

Here it is, my new china hutch that I've waited 30 years to get. We decided it was our 30 year anniversary gift, just a couple weeks early.

As I was deciding what to put on the shelves, I came across my kaleidescope that I bought at Warrens years ago. I picked it up, looked into the end, and the next ten minutes were spent enjoying all the beautiful scenes inside. I've always loved kaleidescopes. My next thought was how I wanted everyone else to see too so the next ten minutes were spent figuring out how to change the camera settings to get a good picture.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

It's amazing how fast time goes by when you're having fun!


Tabby said…
I love your china hutch! It's different than I imagined it to be. You should post some pictures of dad hobbling on his crutches!
love, Tabby