Tyler and Hannah are getting used to having a baby sister in the house. Hannah especially has had issues with a baby stealing her attention but she is pretty good now. Here's Chloe at 6 weeks with her big brother and sister.

Cousins Taylor and Hannah had a fun girl day. They did girl things like putting flowers in your hair.

The boy cousins, Tyler, Alex and Keegan spent time in the sandbox. They all had 4-wheelers so it looked like they were building a track for them. There was lots of funny boy noises coming out of their mouths.

Here's Joni Rae with the newest cousin addition. Felicity Jo was born on July 19 to cousin Tracy and her husband Cole. Chloe is on the left at 6 weeks and 10 lbs 6 oz and Felicity on the right at one day old and 8 lbs.