Today is Melissa's birthday. Third born middle child. It was a hot August day and the oats was ready to be combined and I went into labor at 9 a.m. Jim's Dad came to the house to drop off Becky so she could stay with the other two girls while we headed to the hospital. He wanted Jim to help him put the auger up on the oats bin before we left and I had to put my foot down and say "no way", we're going to the hospital. Melissa was born three hours later. A tiny 6 pounds and 17 inches long.
She was a cutie with big eyes.
She was always twisting herself into odd shapes. This was kinda like a pretzel. When you walked into the living room you never knew what shape she'd be in. I know there's a word for this but I can't think of it. Help me out here. Melissa, can you still do this one?

She's also known for her ability to sleep thru almost anything and at any time. Here she is sleeping................

...........and sleeping

Did I mention that she likes to sleep? I tried to find the one her sisters took of her sleeping and they stuck a pickle in her mouth but I couldn't find it.

Happy Birthday Melissa! We love you and miss you.