They came with a backhoe, dump trucks and bulldozers. Two days later, we had a pond. As soon as they got past the gravel, there was layers of clay. This picture was about an hour after they hit the clay. It started filling with water.

Jim was running the big bulldozer and buried the D8 cat in the clay. So with a pull from the skidder and pushing with the backhoe, it finally came out.
After getting the dozer out of the clay, Jim ran one of the dump trucks. Take note of the two in the passenger seat.

All they had to do was say "Please Grandpa can we ride in the truck?"

This was the next morning. The water level is rising.

Here's a shot from the back side of the pond, looking towards the house.

This was six days after the pond was dug. If you look close you can see the white measuring stick in the pond. It was just a couple inches short of 4 feet this morning.