A couple of weeks ago, we spent a few days in Appleton, shopping for "the" wedding dress for Joni. Tabitha did the preliminary work of locating all the shops and making appointments where needed.

Here Joni is searching through hundreds of dresses in search of the perfect one.

There were so many choices.

And she looked wonderful in all of them.

We put Chloe to work looking at color swatches for the bridesmaids dresses.

Still another great dress.

This one was just a little too showy.

But then she found it. THE DRESS!!!!!!! I'm sure you all agree it was a good choice.

You didn't think I'd really show it did you? You'll have to wait till next May to see it.


Lynn said…
Ohmygosh! Your funny! I was so excited to see... and then I thought... really? she wouldn't show us, would she? LOL!