Hannah came in the door and wanted her snow stuff on so she could go make a snowman. I had to break the news to her that half an inch of snow just didn't cut it for making a snowman. She said her favorite thing to do was catch snowflakes on her tongue.

Next it was down on the deck to make snow angels. By the time she finished there must have been a dozen angels on my deck.
Well she lasted about 20 minutes out there. Long enough to smear up my clean patio door. Good thing glass is washable. Between kids and the dog its rare that this door is spotless.


Jules said…
You beat me to it. I took a couple pics yesterday but we didn't have anything on the ground like you did. My pictures didn't turn out cause I was just trying to take one of the snow coming down, nothing on the ground though. Kylee also wanted to go out and "catch them on her tongue", must be every kids idea of fun.