Tuesday started out just a normal day. Sitting at my desk, finishing up some paperwork and then the unthinkable happened.

That wonderful tasty cup of tea tipped over onto my laptop. Immediate panic mode. Pack it up to go see what the damages are. This was the stressful part.

Now I'm getting ready to go to town and later meet the girls for lunch. Where is my watch? I feel only half dressed without it on.

Think back, where did I put it? Always on the dresser, ALWAYS. But wait, Hannah was in there supposed to be napping. So now I have to think like a 3 year old. Where would you put a watch when you were done playing with it? After searching every inch of the bedroom I gave up. I'll have to go without it. Open the desk drawer in the kitchen to get out the phone book and whats this? My watch!!! Thus ends the frustration part.

She looks so sweet and innocent.

And now for the therapy. Lunch at Hill of Beans in Ogema. If you ever want to take a beautiful drive and spend some relaxing time over a great lunch you have to go here. This is the view out the huge window where we ate.

Thanks Girls! I think we all needed this day.