The 2008 Christmas Tree

We did manage to get the tree up a couple weekends ago. I had my eye on this one for quite awhile now. We went with a fraser this year instead of the balsam. It definitely does not have the fragrance of a balsam but they are a beautiful tree. And this year the tree is being guarded by George the whitetail deer and Richard the antelope. Ernie the muledeer is over to the right, you can't see him in this picture.

Can you see that very bright blue light? For some reason it is almost blinding. Whenever I walk into the room that light is just brilliant.

I only made one kind of cookie this year. Usually I have a selection of about 8-10 different ones but figured with Lumberjack's restricted diet it would be kinda mean to have all those goodies around. So this is the one I chose since it happens to be a favorite of everyone. The recipe is on my Food To Eat and Fill Your Soul blog.