The past couple weeks have flown by and there's just no time left at the end of the day to post anything. By the time the day is over I just need to sleep! Oh do you think that has anything to do with the fact we have a Christmas tree farm and its December?

Phil and Trevor were here from Iowa the day after Thanksgiving to pack up the stuff they needed to take back. Here's just one gathering of kissing balls.

Jim handed the balls to Trevor, who then handed them to Phil to pack into the back of the pickup. I didn't get a chance to snap a picture of them loading the trailer.

Hannah's favorite spot when she is out in the shop is sitting on the table where the boughs are piled.

Here's a picture of myself making the big 6 footer.

Chloe is growing up so fast! She's already 6 months old.

And believe it or not, this morning we had 18 below zero! I knew you wouldn't believe me so I had to take a picture to prove it. Ok it says - 17.2 but it really was at -18 when I was looking for the camera.


Jules said…
Where did that 6 footer go to? That's huge. I had 10 below this morning, but my morning was at 7:30, and my furnace quit in the night. Now that's a chilly morning. BBRRRR
Connie said…
How huge is that temp gauge???? How much stuff does a person need to know about the weather? Love the kissing balls, good luck with the rest of the holiday sales.
Stephanie said…
Whoa. That's cold. I thought it was cold here today in southern California... sixty-three degrees. Guess I'm lucky.
patty w said…
I just love those Kissing Balls!!!

I've never seen any quite that big...would you mind sharing how you do them? We went to a tree farm on Saturday and got our tree and I have quite a few boughs that had to be cut off the bottom. I usually make something with them or just stick them in a pot as a decoration but those kissing balls of yours are gorgeous!

DEB said…
Sorry I've been sworn to secrecy on the kissing balls by Santa's elves. They're mean little guys!
Anonymous said…
ok, thanks anyway, I'll figure out how to wire them, may not be pretty but they'll be better than the artificial ones.
Merry Christmas

Be Blessed :)