Have you ever really counted the number of remotes in your house? These are the ones that normally lay on our couch. Jim sits on the right and I usually sit on the left and the remotes get the middle. We have the TV remote, Dish Network remote, Angel Network remote, DVD remote, the stereo remote and now a remote to control the portable heater. This is crazy! If someone else came in and wanted to watch something on our tv they probably wouldn't be able to figure it out. I counted and there are two remotes in our bedroom, one in the spare bedroom and one in the office, also three downstairs for the tv's and stereo. You would think that with 13 remotes in the house that just one would work on controlling the kids but I've tried and it doesn't work.

Here's the view from my kitchen sink. The snow is here to stay! Time to dig out the snowshoes.


I saw this with my own eyes. It looked like you could control the world. Lorin didn't think we had that many till we started counting. I think we actually have you beat. PS Don't forget the remotes for the fans.
Liz said…
I always mess up my hubby's soundsystem. But four remotes is WAY too complicated for me.
Joni rae said…
there's 2 more in my room also