Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hannah is quite an entertainer. She is always dancing and making up songs. Now don't let her clothing attire fool you. This was not last summer but last week when the high for the day was -10. Gotta love the boots, they totally make the outfit. Also take note of the bow at the end.



Joni rae said...

she looks homeless!

Jules said...

I can't really understand what she is saying. I heard grandma and Chloe but that's all i could make out. Is this video off your camera? I taped Felicity off my camera and tried to upload the video and it always gives me an error message. I think I just need a faster speed internet for it to work.

Jules said...

Me again. I got dbwireless today. Wow, I am impressed. I believe it is just as fast as DSL. I got a video to upload right away today. Love it.