We've all heard of comfort foods. They are foods we probably grew up eating. For some reason the winter months seem to bring on more cravings for these foods. I grew up on a dairy farm with five brothers and two sisters so our meals were always basic, made with the staples Mom had on hand. There was always food on the table but you'd better get there when it was ready to eat!

This bread pudding was served often. It didn't require a lot of ingredients and everything was pretty much available all the time.

Another favorite is the oven fried chicken. It's a great Sunday dinner, served with mashed potatoes and gravy, corn from the garden (frozen if its winter), coleslaw and some fresh baked buns. My mother in law served this meal often when she has everyone over.
What's your "comfort food"? I've posted both the recipes on Food to Eat and Fill Your Soul.


Liz said…
Oh my goodness this looks fantastic! Oddly enough, my comfort food is grilled cheese. :)
Patti said…
I remeber the bread pudding but can't say that I have made it alot since growing up. I remember eating alot of what we called "Chuck Wagon" but again don't think I could eat today. I guess my favorite comfort food would be a good hefty bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup. YUM-OH!!
Jules said…
That bread pudding looks amazing. I haven't made it for years. I love it but no one in this house would even try it. I made it once and had to eat the whole thing myself. I remember never ever having enough sauce. Why didn't mom just make more sauce? Anyway, enough about the bread pudding. Around here our big comfort food as a family is cooked chocolate pudding. We all fight over each others' "skin" that forms on top. We all love that part.