This last week we lost our dog, Levi. We had her for three years and even though I wasn't crazy about getting a German Shorthair, Jim insisted she would be a great hunting dog. Well I got used to her and now every day I look out at her kennel and wait for her to stick her head out. She was a good dog and really good around the kids. We miss her.
This summer when we dug the pond, Levi would spend hours at the edge of the pond catching frogs. She would bring them up to the edge of the lawn and leave them there. She was given the name "Frog Dog".

Levi would literally crawl into your lap if you would let her. She always knew she would get a hug from Tracy.
Of course I need to mention Bud. We had to put him down last May. He was 14 years old and very sick. He was the best watch dog. Bud did not like strange men and gave them a pretty hard time if they tried to get out of their cars. He was a Springer Spaniel.

Bud was always Joni's dog but when she went away to college, he attached to me and followed me everywhere. When I would work out in the gardens, Bud would lay by the garden until I was finished and then follow me to the next garden.

Tabby isn't a dog person but Joni forced her to touch Bud one time. She said it wasn't too bad.

In the spring we would have to get him shaved because he looked like a wooley bear with his winter coat.

And of course I have to mention Daisy. Daisy was a cat that showed up at Kari & Jon's house. She wouldn't go away and one day Joni went to pick the kids up and came home with the cat. She lived in the garage for a few weeks and although I am not very fond of cats, she was ok to have around. Until one day when a big hawk came down and decided she was a rabbit or something.

So now what? Do we stay petless? Do we look for a puppy this spring or maybe find a dog at the pound? (We tried that once. I brought home a dog from the pound. He was black and white and no one could ever even get near him. The girls named him Cow.) But what kind of dog would we get? Maybe a lab. Anyone have any suggestions?


Jules said…
That's a tough one. I'm not an animal lover so I have trouble with the dogs. I don't like the feeding, pooping, and digging up my yard. But....I did love Jenna, she was my buddy too. She followed me everywhere and was very protective. My vote is another springer.
Joni rae said…
Ohhh I miss all of our animals. My first suggestion is a St. Bernard. Second is another springer, they are good dogs. And Daisy lasted a full 2 weeks at our house not 1. :)
Anonymous said…
You forgot to mention that Bud got so obsessed with you that he would even lay with your shoes that were in the garage! I vote for a dog that doesn't jump on you....I don't remember Bud jumping so maybe a springer...
Oh I feel bad - I liked Levi - Who will I bring my ham bones to? I am sure you know what I will say - You have to get a pet. Even though they are a lot of work, I wouldn't be without one. For an outside dog, labs are great. Very laid back and friendly. Even when I go to houses they usually are the least inimidating
Kari said…
Bud was too old to jump. My vote is for something that doesn't jump. Maybe a fish - oh wait - Fred died too didn't he. You also forgot to mention my favorite animals - Richard, George & Ernie. They are the no maintenance kind of pets!!!