This past weekend we went to the Wisconsin Christmas Producers Association convention in Wisconsin Dells. It was held at the Glacier Canyon Lodge. This place is huge and very very pricey but the conventions are always very informative. The meals were so expensive that we didn't eat there. (breakfast for the two of us was $30, lunch and the banquet were much worse) It's a good thing we passed on the meals because I received an e-mail today that the majority of the people who ate there are sick with food poisoning and the WI Dept of Health is contacting everyone.

This was quite the discussion on "How do you hold your shearing knife?"

The guy on the left is the one who comes to shear our trees every summer. He hires a bunch of high school and college age guys and they travel all summer to farms to shear trees.
This was the winning wreath for the decorated wreath contest. I kinda like it, never thought of using white ribbon but it was very pretty. What do you think? I need ideas for next year.

On Saturday we headed to Appleton to spend a day with Andy and Tabby. Andy took us to a Carhart store. They make just about everything you could possibly wear. Andy was trying on some jackets so Tabby made herself comfy on a pile of jackets.

Tabby is 15 weeks along now. I had to get a picture of the "baby bump". She is still feeling the sickness part and Andy is so helpful. He was up at 2 a.m. making her toast because she was sick. Hang in there, July is just around the corner!


Lynn said…
Ohmygoodness! Tabby is so cute!! She has hit her 2nd trimester so she should start to feel better soon... hopefully!
Joni rae said…
OH MY GOSH!! Tabby you have a belly, hehe.