Call us crazy but we LOVE winter. There are so many things to do. The "G" family were here from Iowa over Christmas and we went to the skating rink on Saturday night. If you're ever looking for something to do, this is a blast and the kids love it.

I think this was the first time on skates for Trevor and Keegan. And no Jim did not have skates on but Patsy did!
Three of the boys. I dare anyone to try and keep up with these guys for a day.
The Iowa boys were pretty good at this skating thing.

Keegan whizzed right by his Mom

Tyler had to pose with the girls

Hannah has improved so much since last year. Of course she is only three years old

Taylor was so patient with her.

I took Tyler and Hannah out on showshoes one afternoon after a heavy snowstorm. Actually it hadn't quit yet and it was beautiful out there!

We decided to take the tree out of the house and drag it off the back lawn.

Tyler kicking up some snow

We did a little shoeing over by Mark & Becky's house. This tree was attacked by an awfully mean woodpecker.

Alex led the way with Jacob and Shirley following

Jim didn't think much of our "modern" snowshoes. He insisted on using his original bearpaws.