I spent most of Saturday in my office, cleaning out files and sorting thru all my geneaology "stuff". I am perfectly content with the job at hand and the peace and quiet in the house. In comes Lumberjack and says "Let's go cruising". Now I know you're all thinking "He's taking her on a cruise!"

Nope, we're not going on one of these.

So he must have bought this 1970 Corvette convertible and they're going to cruise the streets.

Nope still not right

When my Lumberjack says Let's go cruising it means only one thing. Dress warm, grab the gun and throw on the snowshoes. We're going to cruise a timber sale. One thing I learned very early on is to walk far enough behind that you don't get wacked in the face with branches.

He stops and looks at "this" and says, "This is a really nice stand of wood" Tamarack wood to be specific. OK I'll take your word for it cause I have no clue what I'm looking for. I'm just trying to crawl through the woods and not get sticks stuck in my snowshoes and fall.

I do know what this is. Deer droppings. And there's lots of it out there. Did I ever tell you the story of when I filled my pockets with rabbit poop? That's for another time.

He keeps stopping and looking at his compass. Are we lost? We've been walking for hours. OK maybe its only been 15 minutes.

And whats with the gun? Well apparently there have been wolves sighted in the area and he's just being cautious and protective.

So he needs to walk North a ways and tells me to wait here for him and he'll be back soon. Ok I'll wait but what if a wolf comes?

He keeps going..........

And going...............

Lions Tigers and Bears, Oh My

(what movie is that line from)

I'll just go sit on this fallen tree and wait.

And wait............

's He's back! I'm not going to die on this log!

This is what we're looking for. A corner land marker. Don't ask me how he found this in the middle of nowhere, which is where we were.

Checking for bear dens, they like to hibernate under these fallen trees you know.
Lions Tigers and Bears OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!
This was a pretty big upturned tree root.

Are you sure there's not a bear in there?

After an hour and a half, the pickup is finally in sight .

It was a great way to spend the afternoon.


Jules said…
I like the first two options better. (not quite an outdoorsy winter person myself). Wizard of Oz
Patti said…
Sounds like fun. Chris did the "wait here" once but it was pitch dark and we were tracking a deer and it was haloween night. Now that was scary!
Joni rae said…
You guys are funny. I hear the pond is pert' near flooded, you should take a picture for me. Pert' near is the word of the day, it reminds me of Grandma Poyda