Another Saturday afternoon and Lumberjack comes to the house and says "Ride along and spend some time with me". He's been hauling wood from a job in Price County and piling it up here at home. Riding in the pulp truck is like riding on a hay wagon. His seat is a nice air ride seat but the passenger one is just a stiff seat bolted to the floor. And if you know what the roads in Wisconsin get like when the weather starts to warm up, you can imagine what its like. If I didn't wear my seat belt I am sure my head would be hitting the roof.

Some people are fascinated watching this whole loading process. First you pick the wood off the pile.

I guess I've seen it so many times it has lost its thrill. Then you move it to the truck.

But for those of you who don't get to see this, enjoy. And get some more.

This is a very important step. It's called pounding. He takes the bucket (that thing that picks up the wood) and pounds on the sides of the sticks so they don't stick out too far.

The final step to this process is to trim the load. You take a power saw and cut off anything sticking out too far. The law enforcement doesn't like it when stuff sticks out.
It really wasn't so bad riding along. I'd go again if he'd ask me to.