We planted this blue spruce tree in 1980, which was the year before we built the house. I have no idea where we bought it from, just that I wanted a blue spruce. For some reason it became the "school tree". Every year on the first day of school, the girls would go line up in front of the tree to have their picture taken.
This isn't a first day of school picture but its the first time we used the tree as a backdrop. You can barely see it behind them. It was taken in 1982 and Kari & Tabitha had matching dresses. They were age 3 and 2.

Move forward to 1988. It was Melissa's first day of school and Joni didn't want her to go. She was losing her play partner and hung onto her until she had to get on the bus.

1991, They are growing up!

I think this one was from 1996 when Kari started her Senior year. I detect a little attitude in this picture.

1998. Kari is off to college and we're down to three.

2002. The last first day of school picture. Joni had to stand alone in this one so she made Bud get in the picture with her.

I went out to take a picture of the tree this morning. It's a big tree! Of course it's been there for 29 years already.


Kari said…
It would make me feel better if you told us that we were not allowed to pick our own clothes.
Joni rae said…
hmm... I agree what's up with the clothes? ohh poor Bud :(
Wow! It is fun to see the old pics of the girls. Lorin must not have planted that one - it is growing straight up. Oh - I guess it isn't an apple tree - that must be it. Lorin just protested at my comment - He said Jim planted a crooked one too.
Jules said…
Wow, that's crazy that it has been that long. Gotta love the hairdos and clothes. They are still totally cute in all the pictures.