Joni and I sat down the other day to go thru the Pampered Chef catalog to select items she would like as gifts for her bridal shower.  When we came to the page of whisks, I got mine out to show her which ones I liked the best.  This was when I discovered I might have a problem. 

IMG_2831 IMG_2832

I  have NINE whisks!                           These two are my favorites.  I like the

                                                         small one so much that I have three of them.



I only have seven spatulas though.



OK maybe wooden spoons are the real problem. 


IMG_2835  IMG_2836

My little gadget holder is kind of overloaded so I use an old cookie jar for the extras.   I won’t even show you the drawer full of other gadgets. 

I thought now I have every kitchen gadget I would ever need.  Then I found the new corn cob scraper in the book.  I am doomed. 




Jules said…
I only have two whisks, 4 spatulas, and 4 wooden spoons. Can tell that I am not much of a cook.
Anonymous said…
I agree that you may have some sort of an obsessive problem! I am looking forward to seeing what else you buy at the Pampered Chef party to add to your collection!
-Tabby :)
Deb - I'm with you on this one. I haven't counted - I don't think I want to know how many I have and I was just thinking the other day when I was making dinner, I really should buy some more wooden spoons at Joni's shower - I guess I am doomed too. Maybe we need to start some kind of "anon" group for cooking gadget addicts.
Joni rae said…
i had no idea this could be a problem.. haha