It was two years ago today when we lost a very special part of our family.
The three months spent caring for Dad taught us a lot. We learned all about compassion, courage, how to be humble, and most of all how to put our trust totally in God.

He was a very humble man but had the respect of all of us.

I love this picture. It wasn't a tree in a huge woods, just one in the front yard. But it was what he did all his life.

This one is probably a favorite to all of us. He drove this truck up until the day he couldn't do it any more.
I laid in bed this morning at 4:30 a.m. thinking about that last few hours of his life. As we stood around his bed that last ten minuts or so, we knew he was so ready to meet Jesus. Now as Pastor Charlie said at the funeral, it is up to us as his family to carry on the torch. He has passed it on to us.


Deb - What an awesome post. You can tell he was loved very much. I was always amazed hearing how ready he was to experience what hopefully we will all be able to some day. We could all learn a lot from him (and he probably never really knew that). He just led his life like a true christian.
Jules said…
Love the pictures. He is missed dearly.

from Brian too.
Connie said…
They say you never really know how much you can love a person until they're gone. They also say time helps to heal your pain.... 15 years doesn't feel any different than 2 years. You and Jim are in my thoughts and prayers.
Anonymous said…
Awww...I miss grandpa. It was nice to read about him today.