Joni’s Bridal Shower

A couple weeks ago we had a bridal shower for Joni. 



She was so happy that all of her bridesmaids were able to be there.


The day was made extra special when Melissa showed up at 7 a.m. that morning. 

They had driven all night to get here from Colorado.  And it was a surprise since Joni

and I did not know she was coming.  She brought these two beautiful girls with her.

They are Gary’s daughters and they were a joy to have visit.


The next day we had a party to celebrate Hannah’s birthday.  Of course a princess

cake was ordered. 


Hannah and Kaila were inseperatable all weekend. 


It was great because Taylor and Kiana were the same age too.  It was different having

some girls around.  We are used to having all the boys around.


Of course the boys were here.  And what do four boys do for fun?  They find the muddiest, biggest puddle

around and get absolutely filthy dirty and wet.