It is turkey season here and Lumberjack has been getting up at 4:30 the last few mornings

looking for these:


For the past month these turkeys have been showing up every morning outside the back door.  The toms have been strutting around trying to impress the ladies.  You could shoot them off the deck.

But when the season opens, they disappear. 

This morning the payoff came.  After sitting out there for an hour in 30 degree temperature and a very cold North wind, he came home with his bird.

IMG_3390 copy

Any ideas on how to cook these things?  They always turn out like leather for me.


Wild turkey always tastes awful. However, my mom and dad said they have had one smoked and it was very good. Also, I heard the deep fryer (outside type) works well. Good Luck. BTW - Where is that going to hang on the wall?
Joni rae said…
I hope nobody "steals" his turkey feathers this year :)
Patti said…
Chris cuts up the breast in about 1 inch cubes then dip in shore lunch. He uses a wet then dry batter. Deep fry them in oil like Julee said. This is very good! Dip the nuggets in ranch or Sweet Baby Rays.
Jules said…
You really eat those things?