I was totally inspired by an article I read this spring on raised gardens.  Then I went over to look at my sister’s and that convinced me I had to have them.  When I told Lumberjack that we needed to buy some railroad ties, he looked at me and said “Why would we go buy some when we have 50 cords of wood piled across the road?”  So he made a phone call to a neighbor who has a portable sawmill and had him come and cut a bunch of tamarack bolts into 6 x 6 ties.


I think the skidder was a little overkill in machinery but I’m glad he used it.  Sure saved a lot of lifting.  Them 6 x 6 ‘s are heavy!


The first one was trial and error but it turned out pretty good.



Are you sure you’re reading that tape measurer right?


It wasn’t long and we had two beds done.  But honey, I wanted four beds.

IMG_0323 IMG_0324

So he calls the neighbor to come cut some more.


They work really good for baby cages.  I seriously considered leaving one empty.


And now there are four.


Now the fun really begins.  We put in a mixture of black dirt, peat moss and some very lovely smelling mink manure.  That stuff is nasty!


They were really fun to plant.  This one is all tomatoes, peppers and herbs


Hannah loves watering the plants.


This garden has celery, onions, spinach and four different kinds of lettuce.


And the last two are all cucumbers.

All of the onions, potatoes, beans, peas, carrots, kohlrabi and radishes are over in the big garden. 

I can’t wait to see how the stuff grows in these beds. 


Suzie Q said…
awww Hannah looks sooo cute in that hat! Its about time you add another post...slacker
Jules said…
They look awesome. I love how tall they are. Now I definately want more!!
Rita said…
That's what I need--should work good for an old gal that can't get down on the knees!!!!Hannah is just tooo cute in her little boots and hat!!
When we used to have the garden center we put raised gardens in for several people and I always wanted them. We put them in too and I have all kinds of stuff coming up. I love them.
Mrs. Darling said…
Goodness those are nice high raised beds! I have some but they are much lower. Love these.