The calendar on the refrigerator is full of predictions or I should say guesses.  We’re all trying to guess when Bumbles will be born. 


The due date is July 25.  My guess is this coming Sunday, July 12 but I don’t think its gonna happen. 


Dr. Gilby wanted to make her prediction but she had to check out the belly first.


It’s not fair!  She knows more than the rest of us!  After the examination on the living room floor with everyone looking on, she predicted July 27. 

So far there are seven girl guesses and and ten boy guesses. 


They headed back to Appleton Sunday afternoon.  They won’t be traveling back home again before Bumbles is born so we all had to give her one last belly rub and feel one more kick before they left. 

If you want to take a guess, leave it in the comments and I will write it on the calendar.  No cash prize to the winner but you do get bragging rights.


Suzie Q said…
August 12th...ish!! Ok maybe not the 12th but august..2nd or 3rd...
DEB said…
You need to be more specific, date, boy or girl. Maybe the time of day. Some are even guessing weight and length.
Suzie Q said…
OK OK August 3rd, A BOY 6 lbs and I dont know how long a baby usually is... and middle of the night like the night of the 2nd morning of the 3rd. If I win I want my prize to be everyone coming out here to visit!!
Anonymous said…
UUMMMM. I say a BOY 6 Pounds Seven ounces and my pick is the 4 of AUG.
Love you all Gary
Jules said…
I guess July 27, boy, about 11:00 am.
Anonymous said…
Mom....you did not win. Today is the 12th and I still have a baby in my belly!