It has been a quiet laid back week so far.  Andy is back to work, Tabby is recovering and Isabella is just a sweetie. 


I love how she sticks her feet out of the blanket.

And then this morning this happens:


Why is there a squad car parked behind me and they are talking on their little talkie things?  What did I do? Have I been reported missing and they think they have found me?  Knock on the door. (of course I am still in my pajamas) 

Officer:  Ma’am is that your vehicle out front?

Me:  Yes it is.  I thought I could park there.

Officer:  Well you can but your vehicle has been violated with graffiti.  It has been sprayed with paint.

Me:  What color?  (as if that matters)  I’m thinking I hope they at least used pink which is my favorite color.

Officer:  It is blue.  First I have to ask if you gave anyone permission to do that.

Me:  No, I did want some stripes on it but not in blue.


At least they tried to be a little artistic but its not what I wanted.


Their main target was the squad car parked two houses down.  An officer lives there and he always parks out in front of his house.  Mine just happened to be conveniently parked next in line.  At least they didn’t write on mine the nasty “B” word that they wrote on his squad.  For that I am thankful.

Bob says he’s got some stuff that will clean this off.  In the meantime I will just have to drive around with this. 


Joni rae said…
I think it looks good. It's like those stickers people put on their cars. When I told Bob he almost sounded excited to fix it.. not excited that it got vandalized. Those darn kids
Crazy! I had that happen to me when I was still living at home - a loooonnnnnggggg time ago. I too got up (in my pajamas) to a police officer asking me the same things. Unfortunately, mine was lots worse. Yours kind of looks artistic. I think I will have to look for that picture when I have a minute.
Suzie Q said…
I know a was Joni. She told me she was jelous of baby Bella getting all the attention so she drove there in the middle of the night, Bob was her look out. Dont let them fool you.
Rita said…
How rude!!!I hope they caught the vandals.
Jules said…
It is kind of pretty...
Anonymous said…
Kind a looks like a piece dove.
HOW strange. Tabby get this one in the baby book.