Last week we had an extra child for a couple of days.  The kids were thrilled to have someone new to play with.  As you can see from the past several posts, Tyler and Hannah have some wild imaginations and this day was no different. I had been cleaning out the gardens and throwing vegetable plants into the compost pile. 


The kids decided to make soup and each got a bucket and filled it with whatever they could get their hands on.   The sticks are their fire for cooking the soup.


Ellen had her bucket filled to the top.


Hannah – what can I say except you gotta love this girl


I don’t know whats all in Tyler’s bucket but I think it was all edible.  He dug up some carrots, which he was scolded for but that didn’t stop him.


Ellen liked the lettuce and beans.  After filling the buckets with food they then filled them up with water and stirred it up.


Tyler and Ellen decided Hannah had to be the neighbor and sit by the other tree until the soup was ready to eat.  She actually sat there  a long time.


And Chloe just sat in the fire pit, watching and learning. 


Jules said…
What time is lunch? Looks good to me.