A few weeks ago we wanted to have a little party and decided it needed a purpose so we decided to surprise Sandy with a birthday party since she turned 40.

The guests were invited and the menu was planned.  Now Todd just had to get Sandy to our house at 4:00.  Anyone who knows Sandy knows that she is very detail oriented and there must be reasons for things.  The more reasons Todd came up with to drop by, the more she dug her heels in and finally refused to go anywhere.  He finally had to spill the beans and tell her what was going on.  Either way, it was  a great party with the guests being surprised by Sandy being there before them.

I made the cheesecake pops for her birthday cake.  Everyone has been after me to make them again since they did not get to try them at the fair contest.  One batch made 65 pops so there were plenty to go around.


Here’s the birthday girl with her 40 candles.  I didn’t think it would be safe to try and put 40 individual candles into the pops so the numbers were the next best thing.


There were lots of kids there so a game of frisbee football kept them busy until it was time to eat.



The sandbox was great entertainment too.


Frog catching in the pond entertains boys for a long time.


Hannah and Elijah had their own dining table.


Oh which one do I want?


Maybe a chocolate one with pink sprinkles


Nope, the white one with pink won out.


The night ended with a campfire for the adults and hide and seek in the dark for the kids.


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