This past Sunday we picked the apples from the tree out back.  Frost was coming this week so it was time to get them off the tree.  Good thing we did because we had 24 degrees on Tuesday morning.


Tyler was excited to get up on the ladder and finally pick the apples.  He has been getting scolded all summer to leave the apples alone.  I even caught him one day with a pile of them, he was batting them into the pond. 


What is it with boys and climbing trees? 

IMG_1383 IMG_1387

Hannah was a little too short but she worked until she couldn’t reach any more.


I took her up on the ladder with me so she could pick the higher ones.


Joni went to the top to pick the highest ones. 



Tabby and Isabella came out to soak up some sunshine.


We ended up with four boxes of apples which will make lots of applesauce for this winter.



Mom said…
Oh! My goodness!! I had no idea there were that many apples on your trees. What a bumper crop. Let me know when the peeling starts, I want to help.
I want to go apple picking. How fun!