It is always entertaining to have Hannah in the house.  Today we were eating lunch and she was telling me about weddings and what all goes on at them.  She said “ Grammy at weddings the girls all want to catch the flowers but why do the boys want the pony tail holder?”  I guess garters look like pony tail holders to her.


The other day we were heading into town and Hannah likes to play I Spy With My LIttle Eyes. 

Hannah:  I spy with my little eyes something brown.

Jim:  The grass

Hannah:  Nope

Me:  Grandpa’s shirt

Hannah:  Nope

Me:  Give us a clue

Hannah:  It starts with “d” (Making the d sound)

Jim:  I give up

Hannah:  Da tree stump.

I haven’t decided whether it is a Wisconsin accent or a 4 year old still learning how to pronounce her letters.  Either way, it was funny.  And yes her face is dirty, I think its either caramel or peanut butter.


How funny. Gotta be a Wisconsin thing.
Tabby said…
For sure it's a Medford thing!!
Jules said…
I was hoping you would put that story on here. I love it!!