Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It is always entertaining to have Hannah in the house.  Today we were eating lunch and she was telling me about weddings and what all goes on at them.  She said “ Grammy at weddings the girls all want to catch the flowers but why do the boys want the pony tail holder?”  I guess garters look like pony tail holders to her.


The other day we were heading into town and Hannah likes to play I Spy With My LIttle Eyes. 

Hannah:  I spy with my little eyes something brown.

Jim:  The grass

Hannah:  Nope

Me:  Grandpa’s shirt

Hannah:  Nope

Me:  Give us a clue

Hannah:  It starts with “d” (Making the d sound)

Jim:  I give up

Hannah:  Da tree stump.

I haven’t decided whether it is a Wisconsin accent or a 4 year old still learning how to pronounce her letters.  Either way, it was funny.  And yes her face is dirty, I think its either caramel or peanut butter.


Emmerichs Events said...

How funny. Gotta be a Wisconsin thing.

Tabby said...

For sure it's a Medford thing!!

Jules said...

I was hoping you would put that story on here. I love it!!