Where I have been……

I know I haven’t posted in awhile but its been a little busy around here.  It’s what happens when you own a Christmas tree farm and make wreaths.  It starts around the first of November.


This is where it all the action is. 


See all the action?  Stuff was flying everywhere on this day.


And the conversations made it worth being there.  I think they would have worked for free just to stay and listen.  Like the story about …..oh never mind.


Julie learned all the fine details of Kissing Balls.


Bob even made an appearance and he found out that no idle hands are allowed around here.  If you want to hang around, you better grab a clipper.


The results of a long hard day of elves in the workshop.


And they all learned to appreciate one of the many uses of first aid tape.  Using it before to prevent the injury.


And then this crew shows up and makes everything more interesting.


And this one comes to visit and oh my its hard to keep working.


The next few weeks we will be out here, helping people find that perfect Christmas tree.

And then I will be back posting.  See you then.


Anonymous said…
Great post and great photos....I can almost smell it!
Hope its another fantastic year for the Poyda Christmas Tree Farm.
Gina Yocum