This kid………

chloe 001

She is trouble.

These candy canes were on my Christmas tree until she discovered them.

chloe 007

This is her favorite place to perch in my office.

venison 001

She stays on the chair for about 30 seconds.

chloe 008

And then she’s back on the table.

chloe 011

When she isn’t on my office table, you can find her on the kitchen counter

cleaning her feet with the napkins.

I told ya, this kid is trouble. But what sweet trouble she is.


Jules said…
Sounds like the little "trouble maker" I have at my house too.
Joni rae said…
oh my gosh! she wanted to clean my feet when I was at their house.. what a goof!
Kari said…
She has a thing about cleaning feet.