Yesterday was my birthday, my 53rd birthday to be exact. I woke up with a new ache in my right hip. I guess that could possibly have something to do with the fact that I came home the other day from Cousin Connie's house with eight buckets of perennials and they needed to go in the ground. But I need to tell you how I spent my "special" day. Most people would say Hey its my birthday, I'll take it easy and do what I want to do. Mine didn't quite turn out that way.

My accountant called at 8:30 am and said he would be in town and wanted to stop by at 11 to do my taxes. This is the form he used this year. I told him to check the #3 box.

This is how I view tax forms. I never know which way to turn. But the morning turned out ok. We don't have to mortgage the house and farm to pay the taxes. Not this year anyway.

But then came the part of the day I was dreading most. I had an appointment at the dentist to make impressions of my teeth. Apparently I have developed something called TMJ and its not a good thing. I've heard horror stories about having these impressions made and they are for real. I won't go into details but it involves a lot of gagging and a little anxiety. Those of you who have had these done know what I'm talking about. Again, all went well and I survived.

Then came this:

And all is well. I have been blessed with a great husband, wonderful daughters, fantastic son-in-laws and the best grandkids you could ever ask for.


Jules said…
I had those impressions when I had braces....yuck....gag....choke.

I see you had an "extra" grandchild in the background.
Photos by Julee said…
I had those impressions too...YUCK! Your birthday looks an awful lot like mine...I painted the family room and cleaned out the closet and pantry downstairs. Everybody kept asking "why?" I said, it had to be done - why else. A woman's work never stops - even if it is your birthday! Hope you had a great birthday anyway. We will have to have a real celebration one of these days with a girls day (or at least coffee).
Rita said…
I need to know more about TMJ- what is that??? Tyler really likes to dance, doesn't he--nice singing too kids!!
Connie said…
Sorry my flowers caused you a few aches.... I usually get Martha butt from gardening. I also had the impressions about a year ago and when I was young and the older you are the worse it is.... panick city. I have lots of dentist horror stories. Happy birthday and stop telling your age... silly girl
Angie Vik said…
That video was precious. Makes me want grandchildren. Hope you had a good birthday, all things considered.