Homecoming at Fort Carson

We have ventured out to Colorado.  There's a reason for our trek out West.  A homecoming.

We arrived at Fort Carson about two hours before the ceremony.
Visitors without military ID had to enter at Gate 1.  The soldiers were friendly but I didn't want to be snapping pictures of them.  We pulled up and showed our drivers licenses and then had to have proof of current registration and insurance.  Then they have you step out of your car, open all doors and step away while they search it.
There were a lot of vehicles in the parking lot with messages.

The local television stations were all there, interviewing families about the homecoming.

Eileen and Melissa waited patiently for their soldiers.

They finally arrived and marched into the room.

This little girl was waiting for her Daddy.

And once she spotted him, her Mom had to hold onto her to stop her from running to him.

The ceremony was over and now came the most exciting chaos I've ever seen.  Can you pick Gary out?  

And the hugging and kissing begin...........

And continue............

Then its outside to find  the right bags.  With 340 soldiers returning, this was an interesting task to watch.

Headed home

Cleaned up and ready for a bucket of crab legs at Joe's Crab Shack. 



Jules said…
That had to be SO EXCITING!!!