Where’s Grandpa?

We went camping this last weekend for the first time since getting our camper this spring.  Our church does a camp weekend every year and this year we decided since we do have a camper maybe we should go once.  We left Friday evening and relaxed with the others around the campfire and then slept in on Saturday morning.  I read half a book during this time.  About mid morning on Saturday we decided Tyler and Hannah would really enjoy this so Jim traveled back and got them.  They arrived at camp about 12:30 on Saturday.  That’s the background for the following story.

camping 056 Now I want you all to take note of the innocence of these two faces.  They are innocent until proven guilty.

About an hour after their arrival Grandpa Jim took them for a walk to see the camping grounds we were staying at.  He showed them the swimming area, the fishing docks, the fire pit, and all the other things of interest.

camping 020

As they walked down the road he showed them the “outhouses”.  Now these are the real deal outhouses with a very large hole in the ground for the “deposits”.  And he explained to them that after using them they needed to lock it from the outside so the door didn’t get blown off from the wind.

Fast forward about a half hour.  I am sitting back at the camp area at a table with about six people eating lunch.  Tyler and Hannah come running to me, giggling hysterically.

Tyler:  We lost Grandpa.  We can’t find him anywhere.

Hannah:  Yeah we lost him when we went for a walk.

Me:  Well where did you see him last?

Tyler:  (pointing)  Over that way.

Hannah:  (giggling) We just don’t know where he went.

Me:  Well don’t worry, he’ll be back soon. 

And so I went back to my conversation at the table.

Tyler:  I think you better go look for him Grandma

Me:  Don’t worry he’ll be back soon.

Hannah: (giggling)  No you have to go look for him.

Me:  (getting suspicious)  All right you guys where is he and what is going on?

Hannah couldn’t hold it in any longer and screamed:

“We locked him in the outhouse!’

As the whole table full of people bursts into laughter I tell them to get over there and let him out right now!  He had been locked in there for somewhere between five and ten minutes.  He said when he went in he told them “Now don’t you lock this door while I’m in here”.  Then he heard them giggling and looked out the little side window and saw them running back to camp.  He yelled for somebody to let him out but nobody could hear him so he just had to wait until someone came. 

It’s a story that will never be forgotten and for the rest of the weekend  he was constantly reminded of it. 


Jules said…
They are such angels.......hehehe
Angie Vik said…
Cute story - the stuff family legends are made of.