Being Two

We spend our days together in this house.  She loves to watch Dora which buys me some time to get a few things done without "help".  Most of the time I can get cooking, cleaning and most household chores finished without having too much "interference".  It's when it comes to doing the bookwork in the office that the problems begin. 

She starts creeping in, trying to hide thinking I won't see her.
Before long she is up on the chair, checking out the printer and anything else she can grab.
It becomes a battle of who can be the fastest to grab something. By this time things are flying everywhere.  I'm grabbing stuff out of her hands and she goes on to the next thing.
Before I can stop her she is on top of the desk.
All she wants is my attention and by now I've totally forgotten what I was working on.
And then she crawls into my lap.  "Gamma pease hode me".
And then she just takes over my chair and finishes all my work so I can go play.


Rita said…
Busy as a beaver, isn't she? How about you get her a computer of her own!!! ha ha I want to hug her right now!!
Photos by Julee said…
Following in her brother and sister's footsteps....I remember you talking about them doing those things a few years ago. What is it about an office that is so fascinating to a two year old?