Are There Girl Clothes In Heaven?

Hannah just had a birthday.  She is six years old.  It seems like she just turned four, I don’t know how she could possibly be six already. 

march 2011 004

Hannah and her very pink birthday cake. 

So the other day Hannah was sitting at the counter eating her black bean dip and chips (one of her favorite foods)  and asked one of her very serious questions. 

“Gramma do you think there will be girls clothes in heaven because you know Jesus is a boy and maybe he only has clothes for boys.” 

I told her I was sure there would be clothes for girls in heaven and her reply was:

“I sure hope so because I like to wear dresses and not gross boy clothes.” 

morning 573


Angie Vik said…
What a fun question. Love when kids come up with questions like that. That last picture is wonderful. It looks so peaceful.
Sheree said…
Hee hee... Cute story!
(Found you through Angie (above) and her blog.

Thanks for the smile!