Grandbaby #5

On July 19, we were blessed with our 5th grandchild,  Andrew James Leischer.  If you want all the details, check out Tabby’s blog post here.

drew 009

He weighed in at 9 pounds when he was born. 

When Tabby went into labor, she called me and I headed to the other side of the state to stay with Bella.  Drew was born the next morning so that afternoon I took Bella to the hospital to see her new baby brother.

drew 001

Bella had a present for Drew and we stopped to pick up a balloon.  She insisted on carrying everything herself so it was a long walk across the parking lot and through the hospital. 

drew 002

Of course a little window shopping along the way.

drew 003Almost there!

drew 008

Finally, what she has been waiting for.  Snuggling with Mommy and holding Baby Drew.

iowa 003

Drew at two weeks.  How about those dimples?


Sheree said…
So cute! Love the dimples! haha